Metaverse is a buzzword in web3.
Artists are <metaverse> interpreters and translate intuitions into masterpieces.
Each Bajmol existed for a few instances in real life.
Bajmol is a collection of sustainable art from the <metaverse>.


A collection of 10,000 avatars that briefly existed in reality (including its background), made of elements carefully handcrafted by the Italian artist Lele De Bonis.

Bajmol avatars are only revealed after the minting process is completed.

By holding a Bajmol you surrender your intellectual pride and accept the great disintermediation phase that is affecting society as a whole. Be a part of the real web3 movement.



Born in 1980, Lele De Bonis lives and works as a set designer for several companies in the theater, cinema, amusement parks and outdoor scenography sectors. At the same time he has developed a personal artistic path focused on the concept of recovery and assembly, through which he represents what strikes him most in real life. The human being is the center of his works and he usually represents it in a cynical and grotesque key, without ever condemning it. Wood and aluminum are the materials he uses the most. Beyond the message, their constructive juxtaposition allows him to play and experience infinite alchemical relationships between hot and cold materials. Starting from the concept of “ready made”, through his assemblages, Lele is constantly searching for an aesthetic dialogue aimed at creating a material and chromatic balance between the different materials within a composition. His works are a continuous alternation between explicit references to the current historical context and a more abstract, introspective research.



A team of art, crypto and sustainability enthusiasts working to bring the most lasting form of art to fruition.


Scientia potentia est => Knowledge is power.

NFTs are a signalling badge to access a community of thinkers ready to change the world.

Join the agora for unfiltered high quality takes on any topics. All it takes is a Bajmol.

Spring 2022
Summer 2022
Fall 2022 - Winter 2023
Bajmol was conceived as an idea to bring together art, philosophy, sustainability and technology.
Bajmol collection is launched. Stay tuned for updates!
Bajmol agora is launched on Discord.
Lele, the artist, has plans to develop the rest of the body to be released in different stages over the course of 2022 and 2023.



NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. It represents something unique, usually made by an artist. Artist in this particular case is used generally. 

Musical artist, film artist, or pictorial artist. Yes, the right term is singers, movie directors, or artists. But we’re alternative thinkers with a stubborn piece of wood as brains.

Well, each piece gives a unique entry point to the Agora metaverse where thoughts and ideas flow non-stop in continuous becoming. In a world of instant gratification, deep thinking can be used as a meditation tool. Meditation leads to improved health. More health means more time to think more. You get the gist.

On Ethereum, who doesn’t love roaming and diving into the ether?